Push-up Books

Firstly, I’m not talking about a how to guide or instruction manual on push-ups. What I mean by this comes from the game of Spades. By collecting a same set number of cards to build a book or books.
I felt like that would be a good way to psyche yourself/myself out of just counting the reps and actually go after “Books!” So I said every 100 push-ups equals 1 book. The game then being how many books could I get in a day, week, month, year even. I keep a notebook around and get to making books.
So far it’s been effective. I don’t think “Ugh push-ups” I’m thinking how many books am I gonna get! A nice lil change of approach.
You can apply this to any exercise of course but for now I’m working on my favorite move since all you need is the floor. Go ahead and add some books to your notepad and see if you don’t notice a difference in a few weeks.
Disclaimer: With multiple reps on one exercise tearing that muscle group down you want to definitely get a good stretch, foam roll after!


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